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So I know I only ever post journals on here to say "sorry about never posting anything!" but here we are again! 
I haven't been active anywhere online lately, but I wanted to check in to let the few friends on here I have know that I'm still lurking silently (although my inbox is once again out of control, so I haven't been looking at enough stuff you've all been posting!). 
This year has been the absolute pits, ammirite?! Last time I posted a journal was last December. UGH. 
So I got a job working as a personal assistant to a lovely local jewelry designer, and have been having a blast learning about all the aspects of small business ownership and the hardships of the entrepreneurial life. I can't believe how much goes into something seemingly straight forward. But it's been an incredible experience, and I just adore my boss and it's really helped me open up a lot in my community (she's kind of a big deal haha).
Right before Halloween her husband passed away very, very suddenly from a very, very traumatic accident. So of course it's taken a huge toll on everyone (he was even more of a big deal- a huge pillar of this community, and just the nicest, most giving person). 
A lot of not being present online has been the adjustment of this job, obviously. I have been working on stuff throughout the year that's not the silly shit I've been posting, but a lot of my time is taken up with work. And now it's going to be even more taken up with work as we move into the holiday season, transition into a completely different time of her life, and even move our office so she can help take over her husband's businesses. 
I do, however, have some semi-decent photos of my inktober pieces from last year, and the few I managed to do this year, that I will be slowly doling out after I touch them up a little. I've been debating selling them, but logistically don't know how I'd do that yet, and don't have the time to set anything up - but I'll post about that if it does happen. I'm quite pleased with a few of them. I also have quite a few more I'd really like to do, because I did not even make a dent in my list this year. 
Also still working on my comic project, but more in a writing capacity than anything else - need to have a stock pile of stuff ready before I ever start sharing any of it (MUST. CONTAIN. SELF.). 
I also had a multimedia project I was conceptualizing for a while that has resurfaced as important in my mind of late - maybe it's just the resurgence of macabre and dark thoughts I've been having, but I think it's the perfect project for dealing with some of my current emotions. But again, it's in very early stages so nothing to really share from that. 
Mostly I'm just feeling a little desperate to collaborate, if not on art then on ideas. 

Is anyone on instagram? That's, sadly, the thing I've been using the most lately, social media wise. I'd love to follow devart people if they're there! I'm TreatedAsThis, so it's nice and convenient haha. Shoot me a dm there and let me know who you are! 

SO. Happy annual "look-i'm-not-dead" post! I hope everyone who's still here and active has been having an okay time in life and is somewhat safe from the (obviously) coming apocalypse. Miss y'all!


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